Monday, December 19, 2016

Paraffin Races Wax Restrictions

SOD Paraffin Wax Restrictions for 2017 apply to Master categories:
  • In order to increase accessibility of the sport, focus on athlete development and reduce costs, no glide waxes with fluorocarbons are permitted.  No Low-Fluoro wax, High-Fluoro wax, powders, hardeners, or gels are permitted.  This restriction applies to all categories including Open and Masters. This restriction does not apply to grip waxes.
The rules apply to the following races only
Sat Dec 17: Yuletide Blast @ Highlands Nordic (freestyle) – Paraffin Series
Jan 8: Midland Loppet (classic) – Paraffin Series
Jan 21: Mono Invitational @ Mono Nordic (freestyle) – Paraffin Series
Jan 22: Muskoka Loppet @ Arrowhead Nordic (classic) – Paraffin Series
Jan 27: Hardwood night race (classic) – Paraffin Series
Jan 29: Ski Sounder @ Georgian Nordic (classic) – Paraffin Series
Feb 12: Suntrail Special @ Sawmill Trails, Hepworth (freestyle) – Paraffin Series

Also see some interesting info from Cross Country Ontario website regarding classic events. Just an FYI to keep you in the loop of where the sport is going.
Classic Technique Rule Clarifications for 2016 - 2017
Below are three significant documents clarifying classic ski event rules for the coming season:
Length of Poles in Classic Technique Races
Classic Technique Clarifications
Cross Country Ontario Statement on No Double Pole Zones

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