Thursday, December 19, 2019

December Newsletter

December, 2019
The Canadian Masters Championships, will be hosted by the Menihek Ski Club in Labrador City, from March 26 – 29. That is a great time for snow, weather and the club promises to ensure that you have a great time. 
Register early for discounted pricing!

The Ontario Masters Championships will be in North Bay, Feb 21 – 23. You can see all the information, as well as registration and early bird rates, on North Bay Nordic’s website:
And, the first 20 registrants will receive a bonus of an ‘Ontario Master XC Ski’ logo’d accessory carabiner! Wow, register fast for this!!
Thanks to Tom Cook and the North Bay Nordic committee for their work and we look forward to a great weekend of racing and camraderie!

The updated list of Loppet Points series, titled ‘Revised Calendar of Races’ are posted under Calendat of Races link. There were a few minor alterations to race dates, so check the page. As well, you will notice a NEW aspect,
To streamline the finding of each eligible Ont master skier’s results in race events, we’ve decided to ask you to email the points coordinator Maureen Bretz within ONE WEEK of the event with the following info:
Race event:

Class(es) competed in:
Your time:
Its up to you to send these in to be counted for the points, and it’s a simple process for you to do by email after each race. This will greatly simplify the process of finding everyone’s results and compiling points.

Please contact Maureen Bretz at if you have any questions. 

Do you know that the registration fee for Ontario/Canadian Masters is only $20??? A true bargain! We thank the 63 members who have already registered for 2019/20.
For those who still need to register, please visit Zone 4:
* also, please note that as of Jan 1, 2020, only people currently registered with the Masters will receive the next newsletter!!

Thursday, November 7, 2019

November Newsletter

We are excited to announce that the Ontario Masters Championships for 2020 will take place at North Bay Nordic Ski Club. The date is Fri. Feb 21 – Sun. Feb 23. Thanks to Tom Cook and the Organizing Committee in North Bay. It will have the same format in previous years:
Friday - 10 km classic
Saturday - hoice of 20 km skate or 20 km classic
Sunday am - 10 km skate
Registration will be up on Zone 4 by December 1. The first 30 registrants will receive a bonus ‘Ontario Masters XC Ski’ accessory carabiner! So, register early (and often Ha! Ha!)
Registration is open for the 2020 Canadian Masters Championships, which will be held in Labrador City, Newfoundland and Labrador. The date will be March 26 – 29, 2020. Please find attached the bid and details. You can register here: can view the details on the Canadian Masters Website:
MWC, Cogne, Italy 2020
Registration is now open for MWC 2020. Go to the host website at to register. There are still 2 rooms available at the Hotel Petit for Canadian skiers. Please contact Bruce LeGrow if you wish to book ASAP! We are arranging a bus transfer from the Turin Airport to Cogne (March 3 and 4) and from Turin to the Turin Airport (March 14). We anticipate that the price would be approximately $110.00. Please contact Wendy Grater by November 15, if you wish to be included.
Once again, we will be having the very popular Loppet Point Series of races this year. Your time will be adjusted according to the age related handicapping tables and the fastest male and female skier will receive 100 points. Each skier will receive points according to the percentage his/her age adjusted time is behind the fastest skier.
1. We will count the 5 best age adjusted races for each skier.
2. A skier must include at least 2 races from the Ontario Masters Championships at North Bay, Feb 21 – 23. 3. A skier must be a member of the Ontario Masters Cross Country Ski Association at the time of the event to have his/her points tabulated for the event. An exception will be made for a skier who has never been a previous member of the association.
Please advise Maureen Bretz ( ) of any errors or omitted events. The 2019-20 schedule is attached.
Winners of last year’s series is still being tabulated, we will announce in the next newsletter, and present the awards at the Ontario Masters in February.
10 km classic
option of 20 km classic or 20 km skate 10 km skate
WINNERS are those who beat everyone older than themselves ... Submitted by Norm Spinks
This is a new way of recognizing the performance of older competitors in any sport. The above heading defines the method. No further words are needed. Age grouping is ubiquitous across many sports, notably running and cross-country skiing. This system is an alternative to age grouping and overcomes weaknesses of age grouping especially those pertaining to older competitors.
With age grouping, competing within an age group becomes increasingly difficult with increasing age. A competitor near the older end of a group has difficulty competing with someone at the younger end. Often this is compensated by narrowing the age span but this brings the disadvantage of too few competitors per group, especially older groups. Often a cut-off age is imposed above which all competitors are lumped into a single group. How fair is that?
Even in younger groups, age grouping can give misleading results. So-called winners in a group are often beaten by competitors in an older group.
The “Winners” method overcomes the above age-grouping weaknesses. But it does favour older competitors who have less people to beat. For example, the oldest competitor is an automatic winner provided he or she completes the event according to the rules.
Age grouping favours younger competitors. The “Winners” system favours older competitors. It could be used alone or in combination with age grouping.
In 2019, “Winners” were identified in three separate events: the Deep River Silver Spoon, a cross- country ski race in the classic technique; the Canadian and Ontario Masters cross- country ski championships at Timmins; and the Club Championships at Deep River Golf Club.
Results are given in the complete paper.
To summarize, the Spoon used 10 year age groups and cut-off ages of 60 and 70, depending on gender. Many older “Winners” are missed in the age groups. The Canadian Masters uses 5 year age groups with no cut-off. The number of “Winners” is similar to the number of age groups but skewed towards older age. Younger age groups can have no “Winners”, the so-called group winners being beaten by competitors in older groups. The Deep River Golf Club. Championship is no different from clubs across the province of Ontario in normally applying age recognition only to golfers over 55 years, the Senior Champions; In other words a cut-off of 55 years. For the women, only the oldest in the field of 10 was an extra “Winner” because she beat all three of intermediate age. For the men an extra five “Winners” were identified. A concluding main point to be made is that all five deserve recognition equal to that of the Senior Champion.

In 2019, in Timmins, Norm took the results from the 16 races held and, using competitor’s dates of birth. I have attached a summary letter from Norm, describing the results, as well as 4 excel sheets, with the ‘Winners’ listed. Norm’s short term objective is to simply receive comments, and ultimately would like to have this formula added to all competitions over a spectrum of activities/sports.
To make a comment to Norm, please send him a note to spinksn@bell.netThanks, Norm, for your tireless work on this!
Our new season membership season began on May 1, at that time, the Zone4 registration for next year became active. Thanks to everyone who has registered already. Here is a list of those who have aleady registered ( as of Oct 27, 2019):
Marcel Crete Rauno Makinen Stan Kaczmarek Peter Hoffman Ron Mahler
Ivan MacKenzie Glenn Edwards Christa Ramonat Norman Spinks Mary-Anne Church
Chris Huet Tom Lobsinger Allan Magi Mark Orzel Ken Hawthorne
Mike Huet
Susan Kaczmarek Todd Randall Woody Woods Ed De La Plante
Glenn Meeuwisse George Milne Harry Vanderlugt Ed Cottell
Risto Santala Michael Gordon Tom Cook Cathy Cottell
Len Pizzy Michelle Gordon Joseph Kryger Deborah DePass
Kit Pizzey
Susanne Vanderlugt John Blachford Wendy Grater
For those who have not, I have a link here to the Ontario/Canadian registration page.
I have also attached the old fashioned document in case you want to register by snail mail.
Attached you will find a copy of the accommodations that are available for MWC 2021 in Canmore. I realize that the event is still 18 months away but as the saying goes, ”The early bird gets the worm”. It will be the responsibility of each Canadian participant to book their own accommodations. This booklet was given to all national Directors during our recent meetings in Canmore. Each European Nation was to submit their top three choices for accommodations to the OC by the end of October. Based on that information the accommodations would be allocated so if Canadians wait too long some of the accommodations may be booked by the time they decide. I am sure there are other hotels in Canmore besides the ones that are listed here so hopefully it won’t be a problem. If you are planning to attend the MWC in Canmore, I strongly suggest that you make preliminary bookings soon!
I still have a number of the Canadian Masters Toques which are available. The toque is designed to compliment the racing suit, and is made by Sauce. It is the SWIFT toque, and available in 2 sizes, small/medium or medium/large. A copy of the design is attached. Cost per hat is $35.00 including tax, plus postage. Please contact Wendy Grater if you’d like one!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Blue Sky Loppet

Blue Sky Loppet has been added to the Ontario Masters Points race calendar.
See calendar for updates.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

January News

Masters Skiers and Friends,
We welcome you to the 2019 Masters xc ski championships in Northern Ontario on February 8-10th.
The ski trails at Porcupine Ski Runners are in top condition for the 10 & 20km. events.
We received over 20cm last week, and another 10-15cm is expected in the next week.
The rain and warm weather in many parts of Ontario did not reach us. Their rain was our snow.
Multiple daily flights from Air Canada and Porter airlines provide service from the Toronto hub. All major car
rental companies provide service from the airport.
The hotel room block is in place until January 11th. Best to book now.
Travel from the hotel to the trails is 10 minutes or less.
Friday night athlete social will have a local microbrewery ( Full Beard Brewing) providing a refreshing
beverage option to athletes.
Saturday banquet will be at a local Italian Hall with a great pasta meal offering.
The Early Bird registration deadline is January 11th so if you want to take advantage of the reduced rate you
have to register prior to then. Registration is on
Please refer to the PSR website and connected race notice for event and accommodation information.
Please join us for a great event, and a great warm up for those traveling to Norway for the MWC!
January 2019
The MWC in Norway is quickly approaching. Over 60 Canadians have already registered, and it should be a
super event. Please see information from our National Director, Bruce LeGrow, in the attached Canadian
newsletter. This describes details on selection for RELAYS as well as Canadian Social events.
If you did not book your accommodation through Bruce and the Canadian Team, please contact Bruce at to let him know your location and to confirm your participation.
Our second order of Canadian Masters Toques have arrived! These are available to any member of the
Ontario Masters organization. They are great toques by Sauce Headwear. Please see attached the
design.. The cost is $35.00 including tax. Please contact Wendy Grater if you
would like to purchase one. We will have any toques still remaining at the Canadian Masters
Championships in Timmins, and at the MWC in Norway.
Submitted by member Norm Spinks
I am recommending to members of the Ontario Master Cross Country Ski Association that they consider a new
way of identifying winners in our competitions. This is defined by the following:
Winners Are Those Who Beat Everyone Older Than Themselves
I will start by saying what it is not. It is not a formula for age adjustment as is used in our season-long points
system. It is not related to age groupings. It is an alternative to age groups. It does not need age groups.
The above heading defines the new system. No further words are needed. However it is difficult to sell because
age groupings are ubiquitous across many sports. People think in terms of how it relates to age groups. With
age groups, winners have to beat younger competitors within the group. This becomes very difficult to do
especially in the older age groups. It goes against the essence of Masters competition which is to avoid having
to compete against younger competitors. Age grouping becomes unfair to older competitors
within older age groups. Many competitors wait until entry to a new age group which gives them a better
chance of winning. Quite often, especially in younger age groups, so called winners are beaten by some in an
older age group. They should not be called winners.
Organizers of Masters competition have a difficult time defining the age groups. Our Masters skiing with 5
year increments has a problem with decreasing numbers of entrants in older age groups. Ten year increments
improve this but makes winning even more difficult at the top end of an age group. Organizers sometimes give
up on older competitors by defining an age above which all older entrants are lumped. How fair is that?
This new suggestion has no such difficulties:
There is no need to beat anyone younger. Think about it: if you have beaten everyone older than yourself have
you not put on a good performance? I say that you are a winner. Why would you have to beat anyone
younger? Is it not the essence of Masters Competition taking away the need to beat younger competitors.
One more point: Fairness. Age grouping is unfair to older skiers and this corrects the situation without being
unfair to anybody. This coming season I enter the 85 to 89 age group which gives me an unfair advantage
over those pushing 90. What hope does an 89 year old have of beating me? He should not have to.
This idea has been put forward by Norm Spinks, to try out in the Ontario Masters Championships
standings in Timmins in 2019. If you can please send any comments regarding this, by January 20th, to
both and we would appreciate it. Thanks!
Hi Everyone
We currently have 80 registered members as listed below. If you have not already joined, please register
at or fill in the attached registration form and send
to the address indicated on the form, with your payment.
Thanks to all of you who have already registered. Here is the list to Jan 1, 2019:
Bruce Alexander, Mark Berger, Dan Bertini, John Blachford,
Bonnie Blunton, Lean Burgan, Allan Butler, Catherine Penny,
Rob Cheskey, Louise Choquette, Mary-Anne Church, Thomas Cook,
Ed Cottell, Cathy Cottell, Deb DePass, Ed DeLa Plante,
Raphael DelliQuadri, Richard Demers, Jean Dorego, Blanche Drapeau,
Mike Dyon, Glenn Edwards, Stephen Flower, Jillian Flower,
Judy Gauthier, Ken Godfrey, Michelle Gordon, Michael Gordon,
Wendy Grater, Ken Hawthorne, Doug Hollingsworth, Chris Huet,
Mike Huet, Sue Kaczmarek, Stan Kaczmarek, Paul Kadziora,
Harris Kirby, Perry Kirkey, Linda Kirkey, Sandra Kiviaho,
Colin Kiviaho, Joseph Kryger, John Lewis, Tom Lobsinger,
Greg Lutick, Ivan Mackenzie, Allan Magi, Ron Mahler,
Rauno Makinen, Claude Marchand, Sara McIlwaith, Glenn Meeuwisse,
Keith Mercer, Karel Mika, Jana Mika, George Milne,
Michael Nevills, Mark Orzel, Peter Ostrom, Neil Phipps,
Kit Pizzey, Len Pizzy, Christa Ramonat, Todd Randall,
Jane Ravenshaw, Risto Santala, Werner Schwar, John Sexton,
Norman Spinks, Richard Thomas, Mark Thomas, Marion Tilstra,
Harry VanderLugt, Susie Vanderlugt, Brenda Vodusek, David White,
Woody Woods, David Wright.
Our Directors and special volunteers for 2018-19.
Director – communication & promotions Wendy Grater
Director – finance & membership Deb de Pass
Volunteer - Loppet PointsSeries Maureen Bretz

Volunteer – website/social media Glenn Meeuwisse