Saturday, February 20, 2021

World Masters Course preview

Our friends at the Alberta World Cup Society will host the next Masters World Cup cross-country ski races in Canmore, planned for March 2022. Pandemic-permitting, of course.

These are the same folks who host the World Cup races when they come to Canmore. Expect a world-class event, in a world class venue in one of the most beautiful mountain destinations in the world.

It's still early, and many details are yet to be worked out, but why not mark your calendars for March 3-11, 2022, and start dreaming and planning now?

You can sign up to the event email list HERE >>>


Course Preview Video and Uphill Skate Skiing Technique

We made a course preview video, to showcase what it's like to ski in Canmore and highlight a section of the 10K/15K race courses.

The video details one of the more challenging climbs and includes a technique explanation for adjusting Offset technique (V1 Skate) for steep climbs.

You can watch "Course Preview Video and Uphill Skate Skiing Technique" on:

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·         Instagram >>>

Please do us a favour, and share it with your friends on social to help get the word out.



Happy Skiing!

Kim (Kai & Chris)


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