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Upcoming Races - 2019 Events

Once again, we will be having the very popular Loppet Point Series of races this year. Your time will be adjusted according to the age related handicapping tables and the fastest male and female skier will receive 100 points. Each skier will receive points according to the percentage his/her age adjusted time is behind the fastest skier.
1.  We will count the 5 best age adjusted races for each skier.
2.  A skier must include at least 2 races from the Canadian/Ontario Masters Championships Feb 8-10.
3. A skier must be a member of the Ontario Masters Cross Country Ski Association at the time of the event to have his/her points tabulated for the event. An exception will be made for a skier who has never been a previous member of the association.

Please advise Maureen Bretz ( ) of any errors or omitted events.

Dec 15, 2018 Yuletide Blast - Duntroon, Highlands Nordic
freestyle- distance tbd

TBA Walden's Woolly Hippo - Sudbury, Walden Nordic
freestyle 15 km

TBA Midland Loppet - Midland , Mountainview
classic/freestyle 15 km

TBA, 2018 Mono Nordic - Orangeville

Jan 20, 2018 Mono Nordic  - Orangeville, Mono Nordic
freestyle, 7.5 women, 10 km men

Jan 27, 2019 Muskoka Loppet** - Huntsville, Arrowhead Nordic
15/30 km classic

Feb 8-10, 2019 Canadian and Ontario Masters Championships, Timmins

TBA Silver Spoon classic - Deep River, Deep River Ski Club
distances TBD

TBA  Opeongo Nordic classic - Barry's Bay, Opeongo Nordic
classic 10/20 km

TBA,  Tour de Kamview  - Thunder Bay, Kamview
15/30 km classic

TBA, Tour de Kamview  - Thunder Bay, Kamview
15/30 km freestyle

TBA  Suntrail special  - Hepworth, Bruce Ski Club
freestyle, 7.5 women, 10.5 km men

TBA Tay Valley classic - Perth, Tay Valley

Feb 15-17, 2019 Gatineau Loppet - Ottawa/Gatineau
classic/freestyle 25 km, 51 km

TBA Porcupine Loppet  - Timmins, Porcupine Ski Club
classic/freestyle 20 km

TBA Beaver Lake Loppet - Sudbury, Walden Nordic
classic distance TBD

TBASounder Ski tour - Parry Sound, Georgian Nordic
classic/freestyle 11 km, 22 km

March 3, 2019 Fischer Loppet, Hardwood Ski & Bike
classic and freestyle - multiple distances. 

TBA Leprechaun Loppet  - Duntroon, Highlands Nordic

classic 10 km/20 km

** SOD Paraffin Races Wax Restrictions

This race is part of the Paraffin Race Series.  In order to increase accessibility of the sport, focus on athlete development and reduce costs, no glide waxes with fluorocarbons are permitted.  No Low-Fluoro wax, High-Fluoro wax, powders, hardeners, or gels are permitted.  This restriction applies to all categories including Open and Masters. This restriction does not apply to grip waxes.

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