Wednesday, August 11, 2021

2021 Summer/Fall Update


I hope that you have been having a good summer and are looking forward to a winter where we can

share one of our favourite activities (skiing!). I apologize for the lack of communication lately, but as

August rolls around, and as I was out roller skiing this morning, I wanted to reach out with some updates

and plans.


Our Directors and special volunteers for 2021-22 are:

Director – communication & promotions Wendy Grater

Director – finance & membership Jane Ravenshaw

Volunteer - Loppet Points Series Alan White

Volunteer – website/social media Glenn Meeuwisse

As you can see, Deb DePass has stepped down from Finance and Membership, and has prepared Jane

for this role. Thanks to Deb for her years of very efficient service. We hope to continue to see her on the



We are planning to be able to offer a Points Series this year. We aim to have the 2022 Points Series

information ready in fall, so that you can get excited about that. If there is anyone who would like to assist in

doing preliminary work in arranging this series, please contact Jane


We are excited to confirm the date of Fri. Feb 4 – Sun. Feb 6, 2022 for the Ontario Masters

Championships. The event will take place at Highlands Nordic. The schedule will be similar to other


Friday Classic, 10 km

Saturday Classic OR Skate, 20 km

Sunday Skate, 10 km

In the fall newsletter we will have more details and links for registration. Please plan to attend, it will be

a great way to celebrate our sport and skiing friends.


As you know, the World (and Canadian) Masters Championships, to be held in Canmore, Alberta in March

2021, was postponed to March, 2022. The date will be March 3 – 11, 2022. See details here: The organizing committee is working hard already, and has

Summer, 2021

the courses up and marked! The Organizing Committee and World Masters Executive will be meeting in


They would like an indication of the number of Ontario skiers who are planning to attend the event. If you can

please contact me by August 31, 2021 with and indication of whether or not you

plan to attend, I would appreciate it! Thanks so much.


Thanks to all 60 of you who have supported the Ontario Masters Association in 2020-21 by renewing

your membership. It is appreciated. I am happy to report that Ontario had the most number of members,

so again, thanks to all of you for continuing to support the organization and skiing for Masters.

For 2021-22, our membership registration is open on Zone4. Here is the link. Please register now!

Thanks, and hope to see you all soon!

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Fischer Loppet Ski Challenge


Fischer Loppet Ski Challenge - March 5 to 21, 2021

16 km Skate or Classic / 32 km Skate or Classic 

We are keeping the Fischer Loppet spirit alive in 2021, with this Personal Ski Challenge!

Hardwood will have the designated and marked 16 km Fischer Loppet course open from March 5 to 21.

You can register for FREE to challenge yourself to 16km or 32km in either skate or classic technique.

You can even ski the challenge multiple times or with both techniques or different distances.

Skiers times will be tabulated using the Zone 4 virtual race system, for your comparison and glory!

WHEN: March 5 to 21, 2021

WHERE: Hardwood Ski and Bike, 402 W Old Barrie Rd, Oro Station, Ontario. The course will Start and Finish at the main race Finish Line at the Timing Buildings. The 32 km challenge is two loops of the 16 km course.

WHAT: The Annual Fischer Loppet at Hardwood Ski and Bike features a 15km or 30km skate and classic discipline ski challenge.

A fun event and personal challenge for beginners and experienced skiers alike.

The Fischer Loppet course is NOT a closed course and there will be day skiers enjoying the trails as well. Be RESPECTFUL and KIND to all skiers!

Skiers are responsible for their own support, hydration, etc. You are sking or racing the challenge at your own time and self timed with gps watch or strava app.

IMPORTANT: All skiers must follow appropriate COVID Protocols, including maintaining 2m physical distancing and not skiing with groups larger than permitted.

REGISTRATION: Registration is FREE! Register at 

Note: All skiers must purchase a trail ticket or have Hardwood season pass.

All skiers must also complete Hardwood Winter Waiver and COVID screening tool.

Parents skiing with children require a valid trail pass


Skiers times will be tabulated using the Zone 4 virtual race system. You will receive details and instructions once registered.

Age Categories: 12 & under, 13 to 15 yrs, 16 to 19 yrs, 20 to 34 yrs, 35 to 49 yrs, 50 to 64 yrs, 65 yrs & over.

There are no awards or prizing for times or placing.

There will be Draw Prizes for some lucky participants.  

Saturday, February 20, 2021

World Masters Course preview

Our friends at the Alberta World Cup Society will host the next Masters World Cup cross-country ski races in Canmore, planned for March 2022. Pandemic-permitting, of course.

These are the same folks who host the World Cup races when they come to Canmore. Expect a world-class event, in a world class venue in one of the most beautiful mountain destinations in the world.

It's still early, and many details are yet to be worked out, but why not mark your calendars for March 3-11, 2022, and start dreaming and planning now?

You can sign up to the event email list HERE >>>


Course Preview Video and Uphill Skate Skiing Technique

We made a course preview video, to showcase what it's like to ski in Canmore and highlight a section of the 10K/15K race courses.

The video details one of the more challenging climbs and includes a technique explanation for adjusting Offset technique (V1 Skate) for steep climbs.

You can watch "Course Preview Video and Uphill Skate Skiing Technique" on:

·         YouTube >>>

·         Facebook >>>

·         Instagram >>>

Please do us a favour, and share it with your friends on social to help get the word out.



Happy Skiing!

Kim (Kai & Chris)


Monday, February 8, 2021

Masters World Cup 2023 again in Seefeld (AUT)

 This year, the World Masters Cross-Country Ski Association had received an application from Estonia for the Masters World Cup 2023 for the first time. Unfortunately, the organizers of the Tartu Ski Marathon were forced to withdraw their application for the year 2023 and postpone it to a later year to be determined due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, a well-known Bavarian organiser stepped in at short notice: the SC Monte Kaolino Hirschau, Germany.The experienced team organised the MWC with 1070 participants in Seefeld (AUT) as early as 2003, as well as many national and international events since then.

Therefore, in 2023, the MWC will be held on the expansive Seefeld cross-country ski trail network again, which has been expanded significantly since the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 2019.  The 3rd week of March is planned as the date. 

More information at

Saturday, January 16, 2021

January 2021 Update



Happy New Year. It has been a long time since I've been in touch, and I apologize for the lack of communication. It has been a very crazy and unprecedented time, and it seems like whenever we start to make any plans, they have to be altered or adjusted. Through all of this, I hope you have kept safe, well and as active as possible. Hopefully, you have been able to get out for some personal skiing. It certainly makes us realize how important outdoor physical activity can be! We have following a few updates. 




We had originally hoped to be able to offer a modified Points Series this year. With the increase of COVID cases in December, and the shutdown starting Dec 26th, we shifted our idea to a Virtual Loppet Series. We were just getting plans solidified for this, when the next‚Stay at Home‚ and Emergency Order came into effect. Therefore, to conform with regulations, to protect you and to protect and respect our host clubs and resorts, we have scrapped that idea as well. So, unfortunately for this year, personal skiing and training will be 

the order of the winter. 

We will aim to have the 2022 Points Series information ready in fall, 2021, so that you can get excited about that. In the meantime, enjoy the trails close to your home! 




We were scheduled to have the Ontario Masters Championships at Highlands Nordic, Duntroon, Feb 19-21, 2021. We have now postponed that event to approximately the same date, 2022. We'll keep you posted with exact event dates when we have more details. 



As you know, the World (and Canadian) Masters Championships, to be held in Canmore, Alberta in March 

2021, has been postponed to March, 2022. The date will be March 3-11, 2022. The organizing committee is working hard already, and has the courses up and marked! So, if anyone is able to get out to Canmore, either later this season (if travel re-opens) or early next, you will be able to pre-ski the courses! Here is the link to the 


Thursday, May 7, 2020

April 2020 Newsletter


The on-line registration for 2020-21 is now ‘live’ on Zone4. Please go to this website to join the Ontario (and consequently Canadian) Masters XC Ski Association:

Or, go to and ‘search’ for Ontario Masters Cross Country Ski Association Membership 2020 – 2021. If you require a paper form to fill in, it is attached here. 


You are not going to believe it! We had another 2 ‘challenges’ to the results, and Al White kindly went back to cross check. So, I have now attached the final, final, final results! I am so glad that these are so hotly contested, as it shows how interested everyone is about this series. However, there will be another ‘new rule’ for next year. We will send out a preliminary results sheet at the end of the season. Each person should check it carefully, there will be one week to send in any comments or challenges. Then, Alan will re-do the results and send out the final. We will send a reminder of all the Loppet Series rules in the fall. Thanks to Alan White for his work on this.


I am excited to announce that the Ontario Masters XC Championships will be at Highlands Nordic, Duntroon, Ontario, next year. The date will be February 26 – 28. This will be a great warm up for the Canadian/World Masters in Canmore. Circle this on your calendar!


The Masters World Cup and Canadian Masters Championships will be held conjointly in Canmore, Albert. The date is from March 4 – 12. You can see the schedule and a link to the accommodation/hotel list here:
The head of the organizing committee, Norbert Meier, was on our recent Canadian Masters AGM conference call. He reported that all plans are well in hand. They expect 1,200 skiers. They are closely monitoring the CoVid-19 situation, and have a logical plan with benchmarks depending on the status of the pandemic. We will keep you posted, in the meantime, be positive, be safe, keep well, train hard! 

Thursday, December 19, 2019

December Newsletter

December, 2019
The Canadian Masters Championships, will be hosted by the Menihek Ski Club in Labrador City, from March 26 – 29. That is a great time for snow, weather and the club promises to ensure that you have a great time. 
Register early for discounted pricing!

The Ontario Masters Championships will be in North Bay, Feb 21 – 23. You can see all the information, as well as registration and early bird rates, on North Bay Nordic’s website:
And, the first 20 registrants will receive a bonus of an ‘Ontario Master XC Ski’ logo’d accessory carabiner! Wow, register fast for this!!
Thanks to Tom Cook and the North Bay Nordic committee for their work and we look forward to a great weekend of racing and camraderie!

The updated list of Loppet Points series, titled ‘Revised Calendar of Races’ are posted under Calendat of Races link. There were a few minor alterations to race dates, so check the page. As well, you will notice a NEW aspect,
To streamline the finding of each eligible Ont master skier’s results in race events, we’ve decided to ask you to email the points coordinator Maureen Bretz within ONE WEEK of the event with the following info:
Race event:

Class(es) competed in:
Your time:
Its up to you to send these in to be counted for the points, and it’s a simple process for you to do by email after each race. This will greatly simplify the process of finding everyone’s results and compiling points.

Please contact Maureen Bretz at if you have any questions. 

Do you know that the registration fee for Ontario/Canadian Masters is only $20??? A true bargain! We thank the 63 members who have already registered for 2019/20.
For those who still need to register, please visit Zone 4:
* also, please note that as of Jan 1, 2020, only people currently registered with the Masters will receive the next newsletter!!