Calendar of Races

Revised Calendar of Races- 2019-2020 Events
Ontario Masters Cross Country Ski Association

To streamline the finding of each eligible Ont master skier’s results in race events,  we’ve decided to ask you to email the points coordinator Maureen Bretz  within ONE WEEK of the event with the following info: 
Race event:
Class(es) competed in:   
Your  time: 
Its up to you to send these in to be counted for the points, and it’s a simple process for you to do by email after each race. 
This will greatly simplify the process of finding everyone’s  results and compiling points. 

For the 2019-2020 season, here are the races that will be included for the Loppet Points. You need not attend them all, but any results from  races listed  will be eligible.  PLEASE note the distances that are eligible for Masters Loppet points in each event. (for some events, there are several distances eligible) The race date, location, races  eligible, and skiing technique are listed, as well as website for event information. 

The fastest master skier( men’s and women’s) in each eligible  race distance/technique race will receive 100 points.  Your time will be adjusted according to the age related handicapping table.  The points are based on the percentage his/her age adjusted time is behind the fastest master skier.  Note the guidelines below:

1.     For the Loppet points, the best 5 age -adjusted races are counted for each skier from all of the races participated in. 
2.     A skier must include at least 2 races from the Ontario Masters Championships 2020- Feb 21-23rd, at North Bay Nordic Ski Club
3.     A skier must be a paid up member of the Ontario Masters Cross Country Ski Association at the time of the event/race to have their  points tabulated for the race. An exception will only be made for a skier who has never been a previous member of the association. 

* The races marked with an asterix are part of the Paraffin Race Series, designated by Cross Country Ontario Southern Ontario Division. Please read the criteria for waxing outlined at the end of the  race listing, regarding use of high and medium flouro waxes.  Low flouro waxes will be permitted. 

Dec 13-15/19  Ontario Cup #1-   Gatineau, Nakkertok Nordic
race eligible masters 10/15 km classic

*Dec 28/19   Yuletide Blast*      Duntroon, Highlands Nordic
Freestyle  (usually 10 km, depending on snow)

 Jan 5      Midland Loppet*   - Midland, Mountainview
Classic  15 km

Jan 5   O Cup # 2  Lappe Nordic 
(eligible masters event Classic 10 km on Sunday

 Jan 12            Sounder Ski Tour *  - Parry Sound, Georgian Nordic 
Classic/freestyle 11 km/22 km all eligible

Jan 18/19    Ontario Cup #2  - North Bay, North Bay Nordic
Freestyle and Classic individual master eligible races         

Jan 18  Tour de Kamview   Thunder Bay, Kamview
Freestyle  15/30 km

 Jan 26            Muskoka Loppet  - Huntsville , Arrowhead Nordic
Classic 15 km, 30 km eligible

 Feb1  Mono Nordic*  - Orangeville, Mono Nordic
Freestyle 7.5 women, 10 km men

 Feb 1 Opeongo Classic Loppet    Brudenell , Opeongo Nordic
Classic 10/20 km

*Feb 1  Silver Spoon Loppet     Deep River,Ont
Classic  10 or 15 km
 Feb 9 Suntrail Special*    Hepworth Sawmill Trails, Bruce Ski Club
Freestyle 7 km women, 10 km men

 Feb 9 Tay Valley Loppet                            Tay Valley Ski Club
Classic 20 km    

Sat/Sun Feb 15/16   Gatineau Loppet     Gatineau Quebec
Classic 27/51 km  Freestyle  27/51 km

Feb 16            Blue Sky Loppet   North Bay,  North Bay Nordic 
18 km classic/freestyle

Fri/Sat/Sun Feb 21-23       Ontario Masters Championships North Bay Nordic

Feb 29            Porcupine Ski Loppet   Timmins,  Porcupine Ski Runners Club
20 km classic/ skate   

 March 7        Fischer Loppet         Oro Medonte, Hardwood Ski and Bike 
15/30 km classic or freestyle

March 7         Sleeping Giant Loppet        Thunder Bay, Sleeping Giant Park
20 km classic/freestyle          

March 14       Leprechaun Loppet            Duntroon,  Highlands Nordic
10 km classic   

*Waxing (updated for 2019-2020) Paraffin Races )  from Cross Country Ontario website:At all SOD Paraffin Races, high-fluoro and medium fluoro waxes are not permitted in any category (including open and masters). These rules are aligned with the Ontario Cup series. Hosts should include the following message (or equivalent) on the registration form as well as any marketing material. 
This race is a part of the SOD Paraffin Race Series. In order to increase accessibility of the sport, focus on athlete development, and reduce costs, High Fluoro (HF) or Medium Fluoro (MF) glide waxes, including HF or MF powders, pucks, blocks and liquids are NOT permitted. Hardeners are also not permitted. This restriction applies to all categories, including Open and Masters. This restriction does not apply to grip waxes. 

Please advise Maureen Bretz ( ) of any errors or omitted events