Monday, January 18, 2016

Update Jan 18


The Bruce Ski Club trails at Hepworth have been blessed with a great deal of snow and are in excellent condition with a good long range forecast. See you there. Please see the attached poster.
You can register - preferably, on Zone 4.
PLEASE NOTE that after JANUARY 17  the entry fee goes up!  Register NOW!
Hope to see you there!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

XC Ski Clinic for Intermediate & Advanced Skier

XC Ski Clinic for Intermediate & Advanced Skier
Coached by Petr Jakl - Olympic Coach
Jan 17 - Arrowhead Park - Mayflower Warm-up Shelter

 10:00—12:00 am      CLASSIC TECHNIQUE
· Balance and technique drills
· Refining techniques of striding, double poling and double poling w/ kick
· Video taping
   12:00—13:30 pm Lunch time, VIDEO ANALYSIS
   13:30—15:30 pm      SKATING TECHNIQUE
· Balance and technique drill
· Refining on-flat, uphill and downhill skating techniques (one-skate, two-skate, offset)
· Basis of downhill and cornering
· Video taping
    15:30—16:30 pm VIDEO ANALYSIS, Wrap up

· Clinic fee $80 (does not include Arrowhead Park pass)

· Minimum 4, maximum 10 people
· Petr has CANSI licence, see more at
· Registration: email or phone: (705) 325 6326