Thursday, May 7, 2020

April 2020 Newsletter


The on-line registration for 2020-21 is now ‘live’ on Zone4. Please go to this website to join the Ontario (and consequently Canadian) Masters XC Ski Association:

Or, go to and ‘search’ for Ontario Masters Cross Country Ski Association Membership 2020 – 2021. If you require a paper form to fill in, it is attached here. 


You are not going to believe it! We had another 2 ‘challenges’ to the results, and Al White kindly went back to cross check. So, I have now attached the final, final, final results! I am so glad that these are so hotly contested, as it shows how interested everyone is about this series. However, there will be another ‘new rule’ for next year. We will send out a preliminary results sheet at the end of the season. Each person should check it carefully, there will be one week to send in any comments or challenges. Then, Alan will re-do the results and send out the final. We will send a reminder of all the Loppet Series rules in the fall. Thanks to Alan White for his work on this.


I am excited to announce that the Ontario Masters XC Championships will be at Highlands Nordic, Duntroon, Ontario, next year. The date will be February 26 – 28. This will be a great warm up for the Canadian/World Masters in Canmore. Circle this on your calendar!


The Masters World Cup and Canadian Masters Championships will be held conjointly in Canmore, Albert. The date is from March 4 – 12. You can see the schedule and a link to the accommodation/hotel list here:
The head of the organizing committee, Norbert Meier, was on our recent Canadian Masters AGM conference call. He reported that all plans are well in hand. They expect 1,200 skiers. They are closely monitoring the CoVid-19 situation, and have a logical plan with benchmarks depending on the status of the pandemic. We will keep you posted, in the meantime, be positive, be safe, keep well, train hard!