Monday, March 9, 2015


Welcome to the new Canadian Masters XC Ski – Ontario Division website!
The Ontario Master XC Ski Association is an affiliate of the Canadian Masters XC Ski Ass’n.  We represent cross country skiers, aged 30 and up, who enjoy recreational and competitive cross country skiing.
Our goals are:
-          to promote Masters XC skiing and events in Ontario and beyond
-          to create a welcoming environment for Masters skiers to enjoy their sport
-          to facilitate an Ontario Masters Championship event annually
-          to facilitate a ‘Loppet Points Series’ annually
-          to assist planning to go to more events locally, nationally or internationally
Our annual membership is between 100 and 200 skiers, and we are keen to increase this number. Membership allows you to
a)       enter Ontario, Canadian and World Masters Championships
b)       be part of the Loppet Point Series
c)       receive informative electronic newsletters
d)       take part in Ontario Masters dryland and/or snow training sessions
Our new website will include training tips, gear recommendations, local ski event updates and photos from recent events.
Be an active member by providing your feedback to improve our division and website, and to make the Ontario Masters a vibrant and active association!

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